Greg has been working with my team implementing EOS and has been absolutely phenomenal! He is extremely professional and even more prepared. He has been the most patient facilitator I've ever had in any capacity. How he keeps all of us strong-minded leaders on track and organized as a team is beyond me. Greg's passion towards our group to be successful has been off the charts as well. If you're looking for someone that is sincere in assisting your team to great success, Greg is your person! Thanks, Greg for all you've done and continue to do for us.

Ron Green, Owner, PT Fitness



Walking into the EOS world was an unknown and daunting challenge... Luckily Greg was there to show HELP-FW the way. Greg comes to our meetings organized and fully prepared to steer us in the right direction while maintaining a great disposition. I will continue to recommend Greg's services to anyone willing to listen!

                                                                                 Matt Beard, Director of Public Improvement Districts, Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.



The first thing I’d like to say is Greg is a great guy and an awesome human being! Our team went through the Traction/ EOS process with him and I could not have been more impressed! He is smart, funny and great at what he does!!! We are a startup non-profit that really didn’t have any real plan whatsoever. After working with Greg we have our team entirety on the same page with united core values, core focus and a clear concise plan to execute our vision! I strongly recommend Greg! He is fantastic at what he does! (Glenn is a member of the initial volunteer leadership team of HELP – Fort Worth)

Glenn Stromberg, Stromberg Investment Group



Greg has been fantastic to work with on our EOS journey. I read Traction and Get a Grip on my flights back and forth to China last fall and knew it was something we needed to implement in our company. Greg is making the process smooth and simple and keeps us on track. We set bigger longer-term goals than I ever expected to be comfortable with but he worked with the team to craft them to really meet our needs and vision to move forward in our business. Thanks for the help, Greg!

                                                             Kimberly Radaker Bays, Real Estate Investment, Materials, Property Management and Sales



Greg has been working with our organization to teach and implement the EOS module. This has been an excellent tool for our team and has really assisted us in being more productive and organized. Greg is constantly challenging us to be our best.

                                                                                       Natasha C. Austin, Director of Operations for Exponential Property Group



Outstanding consultant, unlike any other we have worked with. Truly cares about us and our results, he feels like a trusted member of the innermost team, with the company's interests above all else. Highly recommended, prose does not convey the appreciation we have for Greg.

Bob Stretch, CEO at Wheels America



“I first met Greg in 2010 when he began working to help me with several significant issues in my company. In 2012, we reorganized and recapitalized the company as well as created a new leadership team. Because of Greg’s past work and his proven accomplishments, we chose him to be part of the new ownership and leadership team. We grew the company from $12mil to $23.4mil in 4 short years. Greg’s tireless work ethic, and curiosity allowed us to double our top line revenue, improve all key metrics, and grow the bottom line, with very limited help from traditional financial credit instruments. I’m glad to know Greg professionally and equally important to me … as a trustworthy friend.”

                                                                                             Shawn Lawson, Chairman at Construct Capital, LLC



Greg clearly has a passion for helping others that shows in both his energy level and continued support!

                                                                                Amanda Schwarz, Exponential Property Group