Meet Greg

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Greg has had a lifelong love for teamwork and the entrepreneurial spirit starting in his early years. You can see it when he went out door-to-door to sell the “World’s Finest Chocolate Bars” in order to raise money for his Dixie youth baseball teams in Pensacola Florida. That wasn’t the only thing he went door-to-door to sell during his early years.



He remembers going door-to-door to sell packets of flower and vegetable seeds that he ordered out of the back of the “Boys Life,” Boy Scout magazine, to earn money for his summer camp.

And then there were the dozens of times that he went door-to-door selling donuts for fundraisers for church youth trips, Boy Scout camp outs, and school service club activities.

When he wasn’t going door to door selling items, he was mowing the lawns and doing other yard work for his “clientele” that included many of the widows in his neighborhood.

His entrepreneurial spirit continued into adulthood when he was responsible for providing for his family. On his lunch breaks, Greg would go out and hand out business cards to small business owners to build the start of his CPA practice. In 1996, he went full-time into his CPA practice. He loved working with his clients to help them grow their businesses … just as he was growing his. He built it to over $300,000 … not bad for a solo practitioner … before selling it in 2007 to go to work for one of his clients.

This gave Greg experience at the “C” level of executive management. He first started with a $10 million plus non-alcoholic beverage company that was selling products into the grocer retailers and fast-food restaurant chains. According to current statistics, only 4% of all businesses have sales greater than $1 million. And only 4/10ths of 1% ever has sales more than $10 million. That lead to an opportunity with a $12 million foundation repair construction company where he received an equity interest for joining the team.

He and the other members of the team grew that company from the $12 million to $23.4 million in the span of four years.  Mere dollars don’t paint the whole picture. The number of construction crews grew from 14 to 31, including equipment setups of vehicles, trailers, and equipment along with 6 personnel per crew. Superintendents were added to handle the growth in crews. The satellite markets of Houston and San Antonio were expanded including moving locations in each market. Moved from a 15,000 sqft facility into a 40,000 sqft facility. Added technology to help scale the business both in the sales, ops and administrative areas. And added the supervision and infrastructure to support the above … and did it in a very challenging credit environment.

In 2016, Greg vested into his equity ownership and took an early retirement opportunity. After taking a one-year sabbatical, he began his search for a way to utilize the skills that he had learned in his CPA practice and in his two “C” level roles. He wanted to help other open minded and ambitious entrepreneurs achieve the success that they desired but for whatever reason hadn’t been able. During the search, he discovered the “EOS” process. He fell in love with the simplicity and completeness of the EOS system.  It resonated with the lessons that he had learned in his early years of playing sports. Focus on the core fundamentals and then master them … and success will follow.

And so, for the rest of his career… the next 10 to 15 years or however long he may be blessed to work … he wants to help entrepreneurs get everything out of their business that their business can provide, both for them and their families as well as their employees and their families.


Let me help you get what you want from your business. Click Here